Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day 170 PP

Weight - SAME.

I may have consumed more tolerated items than permitted today, but in all honesty, I'm not bothered! If I'm not going to lose weight this week or maybe even next, I'm going to at least make sure I get enough calories in. (I'm feeling a little despondant / sulky today!!! LOL) One thing I did notice though, is that I don't have as much control over myself around sweet things as I would like, although my chocolate muffins weren't sweet at all, I found myself getting that all consuming urge to eat them all, so although they were fantastic, I dont think I will be making them very often. Hopefully the bread will be easier to handle, less emotionally charged than my relationship with sweet things.

I've been keeping on with the peppermint/fennel tea and haven't drunk any carbonated drinks today, I must admit that my stomach feels a little better, thankfully.

I sent Tim out yesterday to buy wheat bran. My oatbran comes in 800g bags (orange packaging) so he called and said the wheat bran comes in 750g bags, how many do you want me to get? I said, get 4, thinking they were going to be a similar size to the oatbran. He didnt mention they were huge things!!!!! Now I have 4 massive bags of the stuff!!!!! MEN.......... LOL.
 Shannons chocolate muffin recipe -  slightly tweaked - I obviously added wheatbran!!!!! HEHE. They didnt turn out sweet enough for my liking but I had them with f/f vanilla yoghurt and rhubarb, it was delicious. Thanks Shannon.

I will make your bread tomorrow!!!

I made some onion crackers yesterday from the Dukanitout Website,
my oven was a little hot so they didnt turn out quite right, but they
were great, it was nice to have somthing that was crunchy & crisp
(other than raw veg!). I ate some today with my taco mince (Charlotte's recipe)
 It was like eating chilli and nachos - MEGA YUM! :)

This is the picture of the soft buns I made from the same website a few weeks ago, they were nice, BUT, if I made them again I would make them smaller or cook them for longer, the insides weren't quite cooked enough for my liking based on their quoted cooking times.

Hope everyone else is having a great Dukan day xoxo


  1. Hey gal, you're cookin' up a storm! Glad to hear you are feeling better :) That's too funny about the wheat bran. Is wheat bran allowed in cruise, I took the book from the library and had to return it last week. The onion crackers look goooood too. I'm not a big sweet person but I like salty/sour/crunchy flavors A LOT. I'm a kitchen gal however and I MUST say that I LOVE the cooling racks your buns are on. The buns look good too, but the cooling racks are terrific...I love the wave...splendid. Great cooking, thanks.

    1. Thanks Anna, here's a link for the Dukan website where it discusses wheat bran, you can have 1 tbspn per day from Cruise. Im sure they just used to recommend it when you were constipated, but now that he sells it, you can have 1 tbspn per day!!!! Im not a cynic really..... LOL. I was comparing nutritional info on oatbran vs. wheatbran yesterday and WB actually has more protein and less carbs, so I cant see a little hurting every now and then, if it agrees with you.

      The onion crackers / tostadas were great and so easy to make, here's a link. The recipe says to spread them out thin, I wouldnt do this part again, spoon it on baking sheet and they are quite liquid so they find their own level. I think they would cook more evenly.


  2. oh, put a comment on and it didnt post it. cant remember what i said now, somet about how HUGE the wheat bran bags are haha!!! onion crackers look good :)

    1. think blogger is having some issues, its being a little weird, they have an upgrade available, think i best do it! the onion crackers were really good and simple which is great! xo

  3. Mmmm those muffins look delish!

    Actually it all does! Thx for the links to the recipes.

    1. You're welcome! They were yummy. I will definitely do them again. May try vanilla ones next time. xo

    2. Just made some incredible choc muffins but added cinnamon, wow they were yum! also made the onion yummy!